Sakhir Orange is one of the most popular colors today on a BMW and the beautiful shade of orange fits perfectly the aggressive lines of an M car. Take for example this M4 which comes painted in the same color, giving the sporty coupe an exquisite look.

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Yet, that’s not enough for most BMW owners, so therefore, they often resort to the addition of aftermarket aero parts and wheels is to separate their cars from the rest. The aero parts installed are the usual choices: front lip spoiler, side skirts, a rear aero diffuser and a decklid spoiler. The naked carbon fiber featuring just a gloss clearcoat finish looks marvelous when paired with Sakhir Orange.

Sakhir Orange M4 Gets New Shoes 9 750x501

Additionally the BMW M4 features a set of HRE R101 wheels. These wheels are one of the most popular aftermarket wheel designs available for the BMW M3/M4 these days. Exceptionally well engineered, the wheels have the utmost perfect fitment, while the forged construction improves strength, fitment and performance.

The build was finished by the well-known TAG Motorsport tuner, and you can check out the full shoot of this build is available right below.

Sakhir Orange M4 Gets New Shoes 4 750x501