This year, BMW held its sixth M Festival, as usual on the outskirts of the Nurburgring. Just like every year, the event took place at the same time as the famous Nurburgring 24-hour race and fans of the brand had plenty of things to see. BMWBLOG was on site also and we managed to get a face-to-face interview with a certain Frank van Meel, the head of the M division.

Visitors and guests were able to see BMW’s race cars on the track, live from the VIP area. Others, on the other hand, preferred to follow the race right beside the Grand Prix circuit in the BMW M Hospitality area. BMW M car owners, had the chance to put their tickets up for a raffle for a chance to get to drive their cars on the Nurburgring’s North Loop, truly rare chance to do so.

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The M Festival was also the venue where the world had the chance to see the BMW M3 Competition Package for the first time. Media representatives, including ourselves, were invited to take it out for test drives, allowing us to share the experience. The 450 HP car also features an improved suspension, basically becoming what the M3/M4 models should’ve been from the get-go.

Getting back to the Festival, the video below showcases the highlights of this year’s edition, from the instructors giving taxi rides to customers on the Nurburgring, to instructing them how to handle oversteer and to the finish line of the 24-hour race, with the M6 GT3 in the limelight.