Even though the BMW M135i has gone out of production, owners can rejoice at the thought that tuners still include them in their thoughts. It’s the case of the guys from DS Automobile who just put together a nicely tricked out 1er featuring some carefully picked upgrades.

The car’s biggest flaw is probably the fact that it’s a pre-facelift model. Don’t get me wrong, you could have tons of fun with it and it would get your pulse rate high in no time, but that face is something only a mother could love. Fortunately for us, BMW admitted its mistake and changed the googly-eyed look of the 1er once the facelift came out.

Under the hood hides the ubiquitous N55 3-liter straight six engine we’ve all grown to love, tuned to make 320 HP and 450 Nm (332 lb-ft) of torque in standard guise. This being a DS Automobile tuned car it now has 360 HP to play around with, dangerously close to what the M2 has to offer. Chip in the fact that it’s also an xDrive model and a drag race might yield interesting results.

BMW M135i xDrive DS 11 750x496

On the exterior design front, things haven’t changed that much. The car does come in the Estoril Blue color that was offered for free as standard on all M135i cars when they were initially launched. With 520 Nm (384 lb-ft) of torque at its disposal as well, there will surely be plenty of kicks to the back of the head, possibly enough to make you forget about the color or the design of the car in the first place.

You might also notice the Hamann Anniversary Evo wheels in silver finish that truly compliment this hatch’s looks. Since the engine tuning was also done by the German company, the Swiss tuner decided to stick to the same theme when it came to the wheels. All in all, this is one fast hatch with menacing looks going for it.