BMW 8 Series Rendering Reminds Us Why We’re Hyped about its Revival

Interesting, Tuning | August 19th, 2016 by 1
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Ever since we broke the news of BMW working on the revival of the 8 Series the fans of the blue and white brand around the world have gone into a frenzy. Even though nothing was officially confirmed by now, the information we have so far seems to be accurate and that’s all we need to start dreaming once again. But why is the 8 Series so loved? What did this car actually do to deserve so much attention?

After all, the models in the the range are known to suffer quite a bit when it comes to their reliability. As a matter of fact, the maintenance on the V8 and V12 engines 8ers used to require raises up to some pretty impressive figures these days. Furthermore, compared to what’s on offer today, they seem look like antiques, with power outputs easily matched by 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged mills these days.

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And yet, it’s not that that attracts the attention but the beauty of the thing. We, as humans, have been gifted with reason and yet, when it comes to things that make our hearts beat faster, we tend to lock reason away in some dark corner of our minds and choose whatever brings us joy, no matter the consequences. That’s what makes the 8 Series special.

This rendering once again reminds us of the beautiful shape this car was bestowed with thanks to Klaus Kapitza that had the inspiration to create a car without B-pillars, something that will always attract a lot of attention. However, there was more to the 8er than its looks. It was the first road car that used a V12 engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox, for example. Furthermore, the styling wasn’t there just for show, it was also quite aerodynamic, the 8 Series range having a drag coefficient of just 0.29 which is rare even to this day.