We have driven the BMW M2 and we know how awesome it is. But we always recommend doing stunts with the powerful M2 in a controlled environment. Not the same can be said about the owner of this M2 who decided to show off a in roundabout next to the Nurburgring track.

The BMW M2 is indeed a truly easy-to-modulate car. The rear differential handles the 370 HP of the car beautifully and, unlike on the M4, they aren’t delivered in a frightening manner. It is easy to lose your head behind the wheel of the new M car and it’s certainly not recommended to pull any stunts on public roads.

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And while the driver of the M2 doesn’t spend more than a couple of seconds within that roundabout, drifting, we don’t need more to start envying his M Performance exhaust. Yet, for everyone’s safety, please keep this sort of shenanigans on the track, where they belong, this is one of the reasons why BMW drivers have a bad reputation.