BMW’s decision to offer a large variety of M Performance upgrades is definitely paying off. Owners of BMW cars are looking to upgrade and differentiate their bimmers from others using these aftermarket parts, so that leads to more business for BMW. And as much as we love seeing the BMW M2 on every occasion, M Performance parts included, this particular M2 might be just a bit too much.

The M Performance parts installed on it are absolutely stunning. The M2 received new carbon fiber front canards on the sides of the bumper, carbon fiber mirror caps, a new exhaust and revised kidney grilles. The one other thing you’ll probably notice is the M stripes that adorn the exterior of the car. That’s where we think things went a bit overboard.

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Not that we don’t like the traditional Motorsport colors but thrown everywhere like that, in such big chunks and over the hood, roof and the boot, they seem to lose the effect they’re supposed to offer. Sure, you will attract a lot of attention to yourself and your car but it may not be the right kind of attention in the end.

The car was done by the guys over at Pfaff BMW over in Ontario and we still love the work they put in. But maybe, just maybe this is a bit too much. After all, the M2 will attract a lot of attention with its exhaust and mean looks anyway, there’s no need to turn it into a moving ad for the Motorsport division’s trademark colors.