Just like it was the case with the BMW M4 when it first came out, tuning specialists around the world are flocking at the chance to offer kits for the BMW M2. An important part of their attempts must be the wide body kit territory, where not many dare venture. Aristo Dynamics are the latest company claiming to be working on one such kit and their first rendering sure looks the part.

The Spanish tuner decided to offer us a glimpse into the future and published a couple of photos of the BMW M2 in various exterior colors, to test the water. The thing is, as much as we love the BMW M2, we’re not exactly sure if a wide body kit will be what the doctor ordered for it. That’s because in standard guise, the car already has very generous hips for its length. Being so compact in size, adding even more width might turn it into an ugly contraption.

Aristo Dynamics BMW M2 2 750x395

Sure, the pics provided to look good, but then again, there’s a big difference between what seems nice in a picture and what truly is nice in real life. That being said, we’ll just have to wait and see exactly how this kit turns out in the end, in real life. As for the wheels, if the fenders get wider, you’ll need the widest lips you can find, kind-of similar to what the guys from Vorsteiner used for their GTRS4 kit for the M4.

The Aristo Dynamics M2 was changed almost completely. The front bumper, the side skirts, fenders and even rear bumper have all been changed with more massive, chunkier counterparts. Chip in the boot lid spoiler and the HRE P200 wheels and you get a monster that may not be to everyone’s liking. That’s why we’ll need your opinion on it: would you like to see it happen or not?