Rare 2000 BMW Z3 M with S54 Engine to Be Auctioned at Silverstone

BMW Z3, Interesting, News | July 25th, 2016 by 2
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This weekend, Silverstone Auctions will hold one of their biggest events of the year, featuring some pretty interesting BMW models as well. One of the cars that got our attention was this 2000 BMW Z3 M, a model that has only 9,700 miles on the clock, despite its age. Being very well maintained, the auctioneers are hoping to get at least £30,000 or $40,000 at today’s exchange rates.

That’s a considerable sum for a car that’s 16 years old but a closer look at what we’re dealing with here might shine some light into why people might be tempted to pay it. First of all, the Z3 M is considered one of the best driving cars the M division made. It has a considerable cult following, no matter if we’re talking about the roadster  (such as this one) or the Coupe.

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In its initial guise, the Z3 M used the same 3.2-liter engine as the facelifted E36 M3 model but at the turn of the century BMW came up with a replacement, a mill that wrote history once it was installed inside the E46 M3. The S54 straight six motor had more power and torque to send to the rear wheels and it was only used for 73 right-hand drive Z3 M Roadster models. This is one of them.

Finished in Phoenix Yellow, a color quite popular on the E46 M3 as well, this particular car is even rarer as only seven Z3 M cars were ever done in this hue. Chip in the Kiwi/Black interior and you soon realize this is quite the looker and has the potential to become a collector’s item in the future. It would’ve been even more desirable and could’ve appealed to a larger crowd if it wasn’t a right-hand drive model but even so, this roadster will definitely attract a large crowd.