This year BMW is celebrating its 100th anniversary and they made sure everyone knows it. However, apart from this impressive achievement, 2016 also marks the 50th anniversary since the BMW 02 Series was launched. This was the moment when legendary cars like the 1502, 1602 and, especially, 2002 came out, to take the world by storm. In order to celebrate this special occasion, a set of special post stamps was launched featuring the iconic 2002 model on them.

Even though this wasn’t officially sanctioned by BMW it is a beautiful way to mark 50 years of driving excellence. The design of the stamps is signed by French artist BOD and it shows a 2002 on two wheels with a small sign under it that tells us the action is happening on the Nurburgring. Somehow befitting, only 2,002 sets of these stamps will ever be made.

02 seit 1966 stamp Briefmarke Pic11 750x500

Each set includes two stamps and costs 10 Euros, being available at either or They come with two 0.7 Euro stamps from  Deutsche Post included so that if you really want to send a letter somewhere, you can do so without actually using the 2002 stamps. And while it may seem like they will be in stock for quite a while as nobody uses mail these days anymore, you might want to hurry up and buy one as there are plenty of collectors out there that may just buy them before you.

As for the 02 Series, it included models such as the 1502, 1602 and 1802, not to mention the 2002 that wrote history back in the day. If the former were affordable models that had outstanding driving dynamics for their respective eras, the 2002 was used by BMW to try turbocharging the first time, bringing out the 2002tii model that was a rocket for those days. Furthermore, the 02 Series was the foundation on which the 3 Series was built later on, the most popular model ever put in production by the German brand.

Via: Carscoops.