BMW-Toyota Sports Car Could Be Hybrid and All-Wheel Drive

Rumors | July 12th, 2016 by 6
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For years now BMW and Toyota have been working together on two new sports cars. While the BMW version is rumored to be a Z4 successor, the Toyota variant is expected to bring back the legendary Supra name. Not many details are known at the moment, but one thing is certain – the current E89 Z4 will end its production cycle next month which will leave a void in the BMW lineup that needs to be filled up in the near future.

A new report from Autocar suggests that both models will get some form of all-wheel-drive hybrid drivetrain. The two sports cars are set to arrive in 2018 and will use both a BMW-sourced engine and electric motors to send power to all four wheels. BMW is bringing its expertise in construction to the project, with the new sports car likely to follow the existing i3, i8 and 7 Series, by making use of carbon fiber.

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Ian Robertson, BMW’s board member with responsibility for sales and marketing, has previously stated that BMW and Toyota have come up with a proposal that can satisfy different areas of the sports car market.

“The one thing we’re clear on now is that a platform for both companies can work,” he said. “The cars in themselves don’t actually need to be positioned the same. The platform can spawn two positionings. The concept works, the platform can deliver and now we have two proud sets of engineers – one group German, one group Japanese – who are each fighting and arguing for the car they want.”

Robertson also said that no decision on production had been taken, but he suggested that a single factory would be used for both cars. “One part of the next phase will be deciding who builds the car – which company and in which country. We need to find out where the markets are and whether the biggest markets are the same for both companies.”

Magna Steyr in Austria is rumored to have won the contract for the two cars.