The newest model Rolls-Royce unveiled is also probably the most desirable one they have today. Sure, the Phantom remains the king of the hill but the Dawn has a certain sex appeal that no other model in the range has at the moment. It’s sleek, fast and will allow you to enjoy a drive with the wind blowing through your hair while the seats hold you tight. What more could you wish for?

Well, some people will always want to stand out even more. Thought that owning a Rolls-Royce Dawn is enough? Guess again! How will you stand out in the crowd of Dawns all your friends have? That’s why tuning Rolls-Royce cars became a profitable idea. No, not many owners will go down this road but some might and that’s where tuners step in.

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What we have here then is just an exercise as a wide body kit for the Dawn doesn’t exist just yet. It’s a rendering done by Rain Prisk and a pretty good one too. It shows us how a tuned drop top Rolls could look like and it may be just right for some people. Notice the beefed up wheel arches up front and in the back as well as the lowered ride height and the blacked out wheels. Even the front bumper received some TLC and we’re rather torn on whether to like it or not.

Sure, drastically changing the appearance of a Rolls-Royce could be viewed as a sacrilege but then again, it looks rather good. It reminds us of the SPOFEC kit for the Wraith, a car that happens to share its underpinnings with the Dawn. We liked what the Germans did with that car and now we’re undecided between yay or nay on this wide body Convertible. Maybe you can help us out: would it be acceptable in your book?