German media says the BMW M2 CSL received green light

BMW M2, Rumors | July 5th, 2016 by 16
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German automotive news site Auto Motor und Sport is reporting that BMW has given the green light to a higher performance version of its M2 Coupe. Rumors around a future BMW M2 CSL or M2 GTS have been circulating for months, but the company has refrained from making on any comments on future products. BMW’s proposed M2 CSL would be a track-honed, stripped-down model with plenty of carbon fiber parts and more horsepower.

The idea of an M2 CS / CSL makes a lot of sense, considering the regular M2 is already a great platform to begin with. The M4 GTS is the perfect example of what the M engineers can achieve starting with the production series car.

BMW M2 GTS image

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All CSL vehicles have had similar treatments to turn a standard BMW road car into a track monster. Given the Colin Chapman treatment, CSLs “add lightness”. They’re stripped out, widened, lowered and given more aggressive aerodynamics. This new car should be no different.

BMW plans to remove the M2’s sound-deadening material and the rear seats while several M2 body panels will be constructed with carbon fiber instead of aluminum or steel. A large rear wing, front splitter and adjustable suspension are just some of the tricks to be used in the M2 CSL/GTS model.

To go along with all of the aero and added lightness, the M2 CSL would also have quite a nice bump in power. The standard M2 has 365 hp, so expect an M2 GTS to have closer to 400 or more, if it uses the S55 engine from the M4 Coupe.