G20 BMW 3 Series rendered by TopSpeed

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Currently, the F30-generation BMW 3 Series is in a bit of a tough spot. When it first debuted back in 2012, it was a superb …

Currently, the F30-generation BMW 3 Series is in a bit of a tough spot. When it first debuted back in 2012, it was a superb car that simply blew the doors off of the competition and its styling was new and fresh. In fact, when I first saw that headlight design, where they blend into the Kidney Grilles, I thought “Wow, that’s interesting. I like that”, in less articulate words than that.

However, now that some time has passed, its new headlight design has begun to be shared among other BMWs and, in that larger volume, I’m not so sure about it anymore. Its competitors have also caught up, so it isn’t the dominating car it once was. In fact, there are many enthusiasts who prefer cars like the Jaguar XE and Mercedes-Benz C Class over the current 3er.

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Even BMW fans are complaining about the lack of steering feel and proper BMW dynamics in the current 3 Series. So BMW needs to come out with its next 3 Series quickly and it needs to make sure that it again blows its competition away.

We’ve seen some spy shots of the upcoming G20-generation 3 Series but we haven’t been able to make much of its design out. We know that it will be built on BMW’s new architecture, the very same one that underpins the current BMW 7 Series and will be used for every future rear-wheel drive BMW moving forward. That means that the 3 Series will have the same Carbon Core technology as the Big 7, which will likely make it the lightest car in its class. It will also be more rigid and far more dynamic. Think of what this architecture has done for the 7 Series over the previous model.

TopSpeed has created a render of the upcoming BMW 3 Series and it looks like it could be very close to the final product. We don’t expect a drastic change in the styling for the next 3er, but we do expect revised headlights and larger Kidney Grilles, similar to what we see in the render. This particular render seems to be wearing the current M Sport package, as it has the larger front air intakes, but expect the actual M Sport package to change a bit with the next model. Otherwise, this render is probably pretty spot on.

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It also looks pretty good and if that’s the final product, it won’t be such a bad thing. It’s a bit more evolutionary than revolutionary, and the next 3er could use a bit more of a change than that, but it’s fine looking and good enough to compete in the segment like that.

Hopefully the next BMW 3 Series fires out of the gate like the current F30-generation did, but also that it can sustain that level of success.

[Source: TopSpeed]