Upcoming BMW X2 to Get M Performance Model

BMW X | June 20th, 2016 by 2
2018 BMW X2 photoshop 750x500

In just a few weeks, the BMW X2 will be unveiled to the world prior to its world debut at the Paris Motor Show. The latest news coming in from Munich seems to also point at the the possibility of an M Performance model based on the X2. One of our sources told us that while the new model will indeed be using the same platform as the X1 and will also be built atop the UKL platform, it will also be quite different from its brother.

Both models will be using 3 and 4-cylinder engines, that will be making up the entire range but the X2 will be getting a high-performance B48 unit that will be used for an M Performance model. Whether the name will be M35i or something else, we can’t confirm right now but the power output of the 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged mill will go up to over 320 HP.

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This, of course, means that BMW will finally be challenging the 4-pot mills the AMG division has been making for quite some time now, aboard the 45 AMG models. Furthermore, it seems like the X2 will be the one to take on the GLA 45 AMG and not the X1. Both models will come with a FWD-based all-wheel drive system and dynamics should be decent, especially on the M Performance version.

Price-wise, the X2 will be closer to the X3 than the X1. It will also have great, premium materials inside the cabin and will offer a lot of customization possibilities for the customers. Since the Paris Motor Show will be the venue where it will be launched, expect the Coupe crossover from BMW to arrive in a dealership near you in early 2017.