The 2016 BMW X5 M is definitely an uber-SUV. No matter how you want to call it, it has plenty of power on tap, at any time, being capable of reaching eye-watering velocities in no time. However, compared to its BMW X6 M brother, it doesn’t seem to show it that well, being a bit more civilized on the outside. That can, of course, change with a trick as simple as changing your wheels.

BMW offers decent choices for BMW X5 M customers but none of them seem to be truly breathtaking. As a matter of fact, one could say that they are bland and could totally get away with it, none of the company’s designs being truly memorable. Aftermarket choices are aplenty and you can find a lot of vendors willing to provide huge rims for your ride but the question is: which one to pick?

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With BMW’s offerings you know the alloys are made as they should and that they can take a pothole at 100 mph without cracking but with aftermarket vendors that feeling quickly goes away. The guys from AMP Forged claim that their wheels will withstand the challenges your car will face and that the production process includes forging, as the name would suggest.

The BMW X5 M in the photo gallery below features a set of their AMP-5 wheels in 22-inch guise with a concave design. The owner wanted a blacked out finish so the lips and centers are gloss black with matte black exposed hardware also thrown in the mix. However, the devil’s in the details and these wheels also came with Candy Red inner barrels, a 2-tone center cap and red lip engraving, for that perfect finish.

We have to say that coupled with the M Performance kidney grilles up front and the black front bumper inserts, this Long Beach Blue SUV does look the part of a true bruiser. With 575 HP and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque under the hood, it also has the muscle to do so.