BMW X4 Rendered as a Pickup, Just for Fun

BMW X4 | May 30th, 2016 by 0
bmw x4 pickup truck is the m2 s redneck cousin 1 750x500

The BMW X4 is viewed by many old-school fans of the brand as a sacrilege, a slap in the face of some people that forgave the Munich-based giant for the audacity of bringing the world’s first Coupe SUV to life. As if the X6 wasn’t enough, the BMW X4 was yet a smaller version of the original Sports Activity Coupe, being received by the market with mixed reviews.

Automotive master renderer, Theophilus Chin, decided to take a stab at drawing a pickup version of the BMW X4. While to some it may seem like downright insanity, if you look at what other automakers are working on, it may be just a brilliant idea that came before its time.

bmw x4 pickup truck is the m2 s redneck cousin 2 750x450

Mercedes-Benz has already confirmed a pickup model based on the Nissan Navara and early prototypes have already been spotted out testing. The Germans picked the Nissan as their foundation because of an agreement between them and Renault-Nissan with the two automotive giants working together on a couple of models. For example, in Europe, the cheapest A-Class models use Renault engines.

BMW might also follow in these footsteps if the Mercedes exercise proves to be successful, however, it would be a lot more difficult for the Bavarians to enter such a niche. After all, Mercedes has a lot more experience outside the luxury realm, thanks to its vans, buses and trucks that have been built in Stuttgart for quite some time now.

bmw x4 pickup truck is the m2 s redneck cousin 1 750x450

One thing that could help out the Munich-based company is its Spartanburg plant. The Ford F-150 is the absolute best-selling car in the US right now and has been for decades. Bringing a luxurious alternative to the table, built in the US where almost all other X models are assembled, could be a winning move. However, we’re still a long way out and while we do appreciate Theophilus’ effort, this X4 rendering will probably remain just an imagination exercise.