The guys from Armytrix are mainly known for their ludicrously loud exhausts. Their products are made of aerospace titanium, a lightweight material used that also dissipates heat extremely well. However, they have expanded their business as of late and they are now also offering ECU tuning for a variety of cars, this BMW M4 included.

The car in the video below is special due to a couple of reasons. Apart from the ECU tune installed by Armytrix that takes the 3-liter inline 6-cylinder twin-turbo S55 engine up from 425 HP to 530 HP, it also has a custom exhaust. That alone should be enough to make sure you gain a lot of attention wherever you go.

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On top of that, the Liberty Walk wide body kit makes a clear statement as soon as you look at it. With its unmistakable bolt-on design, it’s not for the faint of heart. However, if you don’t like this approach, the guys from Vorsteiner also have a wide body kit that hides all the bolts and offers a more elegant look.

The video below even goes through the trouble of showing us what rewriting the ECU map implies, from taking it off the car to actually connecting it to a laptop and overwriting the new parameters. In the end, the dyno run showed 452 HP at the wheels which – with about 15 percent losses on the transmission = should add up to about 520 HP at the crank.