Latest news on BMW X2, X7, 9 Series and Project iX

Rumors | May 11th, 2016 by 4
BMW 9 Series Coupe rendering 750x500

Automobile Magazine published a comprehensive article on future BMW products. We’ve already covered the Z4 and 6 Series, but now we’re back with more details on other models.

According to the U.S. outlet, the new addition to the X family – the X2 – will debut next year. The four-door X2 coupe will be priced closer to the X3 than to the X1. The highly-luxurious X7 SUV will arrive in 2018 and take aim at the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class and Range Rover. BMW has also signed off a super-luxurious edition of the X7 with more equipment and more power due in 2019.

2017 render BMW X2 750x530

The highly-rumored BMW 9 Series is still waiting for final approval. If it gets it, the four-door coupe will fuse a twin-turbo straight-six with two high-performance e-motors for a combined 500 hp when it ideally goes on sale in 2020. At this point BMW sees no more than 8,000 takers for the future flagship.

Just a few months ago, BMW announced its third model developed by the i Division – Project iX. The 3 Series-size EV hatchback is said to be made of sheetmetal rather than carbon fiber and will arrive before 2020.

BMW i5 rendering 750x423

Other changes in the future BMW lineup will affect low selling cars – like the 3 Series GT – which might end up being replaced by the 4 Series Gran Coupe. Interesting enough is the fact that BMW is allegedly planning to phase out the 1 Series hatchback we know today and replaced by 2 Series Gran Coupe in 2019. Our own sources say the 1 Series Hatch might be developed under a different series.

Over the next few years, we expect to see a lot of changes within the BMW lineup. The era of building a car for every niche might be coming to an end and BMW will be once again focused on building the right cars for the right customers.