1991 E34 BMW M5 worth $18,900?

BMW M5 | May 9th, 2016 by 2
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In the latest edition of Jalopnik’s “Nice Price or Crack Pipe?”, a segment in which they find old and interesting cars for sale and then ask …

In the latest edition of Jalopnik’s “Nice Price or Crack Pipe?”, a segment in which they find old and interesting cars for sale and then ask if they’re worth their price, we take a look at a meticulously cared for E34 BMW M5 that’s asking a decently steep price.

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The E34 generation of M5 has sort of a love it/hate it reputation, with many BMW enthusiasts being huge fans of it and many hating it. I think the E34 is in a bit of a tough spot, as it sits between two of the most iconic BMWs of all time — the original E28 M5 and the legendary E39 M5. So the E34 is neither the iconic original or the fan-favorite, thus it’s somewhat forgotten by many BMW fans. But it shouldn’t be, because it’s a great car in its own right.

Admittedly, I’m personally not a fan of the E34 generation 5 Series. I’ve had two in my family and never really like them. They just aren’t very exciting and are kind of dull looking, in my humble opinion. However, there’s something very cool about the E34 M5 and I think it’s that it has so much performance potential underneath its somewhat plebeian-looking skin. Plus, it was in an awesome car chase scene in the movie Ronin, so that helps amp its cool-factor way up.

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The E34 M5 was also the last M5 to use a straight-six engine, as the following E39 generation used a V8. The early models, such as this particular one, used a 3.4 liter I6 engine that developed 311 hp, while later models used a 3.8 liter variant of the same engine, which bumped power to 335 hp. The later models are faster and more desirable, but the earlier 3.4 liter model is still quick and very cool.

This 1991 BMW M5 is also one of the cleanest and most un-molested E34 M5 you’ll ever see. With only 98,000 original miles on it, nearly everything on this car is perfect and it comes with every possible record and all of its paperwork. It’s rare to find a BMW M5 in this state of health. Even the tool kit is completely full, without missing a thing. That’s impressive.


The Jet Black over Dove Grey color scheme of this car looks awesome. The E34 M5 in black looks so understated and subtle, belying the fact that it has a proper racing-derived engine under its hood. That engine is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox and powers only the real wheels, like the Car Gods intended.

This car’s asking price is $18,900, which is a bit steep for a car that’s 25 years old, regardless of how nice it is. However, this is a M5 from a different era or performance car, an era where driving dynamics and performance were valued over all else, even in bigger cars like the BMW 5 Series. The E34 M5 is still one of the more fun-to-drive sedans ever made and this one is in superb condition. So maybe, if you’re a big BMW enthusiast with a hole in your pocket waiting to be burned and love the E34 M5, this could be the car for you.

[Source: Jalopnik]