Gorgeous 1991 ALPINA Z1 RLE up for auction

BMW Z | May 7th, 2016 by 0
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The BMW Z1 is one of the rarer cars to ever come from Bavaria and one of the least well known. Ask the casual BMW fan if they’ve ever heard of the Z1 and they’d look at you like a dog does when you make a funny sound. The fact that it was sold in such limited numbers and made for only a short period of time is largely why it’s such an unknown car. However, the most unknown and unseen iteration of the Z1 is the ALPINA variant. One of those ALPINA Z1 RLE (Roadster Limited Edition) unicorns is up for auction and it looks awesome.

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Only 66 ALPINA Z1 Roadsters were ever made, making them one of them even more rare than the number of Crossfit members that don’t actually talk about Crossfit. Of those 66 models, 33 went to Japan and 33 stayed in Europe. This specific model up for auction is number 55 and is left-hand drive. It wears traumschwarz-metallic paint with a grey and nubuck / suede interior. I was always a fan of the Z1’s styling, with its boxy rear end and its wedge-shaped nose, and it looks so much better in ALPINA guise. Those typical ALPINA wheels really make it. The interior is pretty plain, but looks good enough and has that cool ’80s German style to it. The suede touches are nice, too.

For ALPINA spec, the Z1 has a 2.7 liter I6 engine that developed 200 hp, a sport exhaust, stiffer springs and 17″ ALPINA wheels. The added performance allowed the ALPINA Z1 to sprint from 0-60 mph in 7.1 seconds, down from the 8.4 of the standard car. While that’s not crazy fast, I’m sure it feels quick enough with the doors down.

This particular car only has 7,150 miles on it, making it basically brand new, and it comes with all of the paper work and service records to prove its mileage and history. It also comes with a letter of authenticity from ALPINA, to confirm that it is indeed model number 55.

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While this ALPINA Z1 RLE isn’t the coolest, best-looking or most significant classic car ever made, it is really interesting and one that a lot of BMW fans would like to have. Thanks to its rarity, it will cost whoever buys it a pretty penny, as it’s projected to sell for anywhere between €75,000 ($85,533) and €95,000 ($108,342). That’s a lot of money for a 200 hp, two-seater convertible. But this is one of the rarest BMWs ever made and it’s just so damn cool. If I was a rich man, I’d have this in my garage immediately. Good thing I’m not a rich man, because I probably wouldn’t be for long.