Modding a BMW i8 may not be the first things that pops to mind considering the hybrid sportscar is a marvel of modern design and advanced engineering. It features curvaceous and angular body lines that are nicely mixed together, creating one of the best looking eco-friendly sports cars on the market. For the guys at Vorsteiner however, this just wasn’t enough.

The California based aftermarket tuning company is renown for quality, fitment and contemporary design that seldom steps out of what is considered stylish and classy overall. Their parts grace some of the world’s most prominent super sports and luxury models, giving them an aggressive, albeit clean, aftermarket touch. The newly introduced Vorsteiner VR-E BMW i8 aerodynamics package takes the car’s factory design and gives it an interesting dose of aggressive looks and an overall clean persona.

Vorsteiner BMW i8 Aero And Wheels 27 750x500

Vorsteiner VR-E aerodynamics for the BMW i8 consists of a carbon fiber aero front spoiler and an aero rear diffuser. These Vorsteiner parts are made out of carbon fiber, offering supreme strength and rigidity. Constructed of the finest Autoclaved Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber, Vorsteiner parts provides superior stiffness, aerospace strength and durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber composites.

Vorsteiner BMW i8 Aero And Wheels 4 750x500

To finish off the looks for this i8, Vorsteiner added a fresh set of their newly designed VFE-301 forged wheels. The wheels are light, bigger than the OEM setup, offering a weight conscious visual upgrade.

With advanced aerodynamics, the BMW i8 should now perform better, all with it looking a bit more aggressive too. Check out the full photoshoot of the Vorsteiner VR-E aerodynamic package in the media gallery below.

BMW i8 Vorsteiner VR-E Aero Program And Wheels