Car meets held every weekend in almost every corner of the world are the norm now. Mostly they are a great way to spend your lazy weekend and for owners to showcase their beautiful stock or modded cars. One of those meet-ups took place a few weeks ago in South Florida and was hosted by AUTOCouture Motoring. The event attracted some amazing vehicles, including some special M3s and M4s.

Featuring a dozen Individual Finish, this certainly is not your average weekend car meet. Almost all of these feature several aftermarket upgrades ranging from wheels to carbon fiber, exhaust systems and performance upgrades. All of these upgrades give the cars a unique look, not often seen on the road.

BMW M3 And BMW M4 Group Shoot 13 750x501

Check out the full media gallery of this event right below.

BMW M3 And BMW M4 Group Shoot 18 750x500