The Gumball Rally 3000 is in full effect right now with teams traveling from Dublin to Bucharest this year, but that isn’t the only event of this type that you can attend. Another similar event is the GoldRush rally which has quite a tradition behind it. This year, you’ll also get to see a special Vorsteiner BMW i8 participating. Designed and applied masterfully by the guys from Protective Film Solutions, the Frozen Blue vinyl wrap gives the i8 an exotic look. The wrap features the Vorsteiner‘s iconic “V” logo all over the hood and around the body. While the black and grey of the logo might not have much to do with the i8’s original paint scheme, the rest of the car falls more in line with it.

Vorsteiner BMW i8 2 750x563

Blue and white and some of the most popular colors chosen by owners around the world and they adorn the front fascia as well as the generous hips of the 362 PS innovative Bimmer. Since most of the cars participating in the GoldRush rally usually feature gold in one way or another, this will surely attract a lot of curious looks wherever it will travel.

The orange accents applied throughout the body and the Vorsteiner’s own three-piece forged wheels make this i8 one of the best we’ve seen so far. If you want to catch a glimpse of it, you can attend the kick-off event on May 13 in Boston before it travels to Los Angeles with stops in Washington D.C., Charlotte, Nashville, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City and arriving at the finish line in Las Vegas, on May 21st.