For BMW aficionados, visiting the BMW Welt is must do on their bucket list. The shrine of everything that BMW stands for is represented in an architectural marvel, situated right next to the location of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. Accessible by road, U-Bahn and bus, the location of what many call Bavarian pride, is right in the smack middle of things as far as life in Munchen goes.

For the most part, the Welt is a big showroom. Unlike some private dealerships and their show floors, you can pretty much sit and play in almost every single model exhibited – sans the Rolls Royce models, naturally.

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The allure of being in a place flocked by BMW fans from all parts of the world is unmistakable. From seeing old couples getting their BMWs delivered, all the way to young children, checking out the vehicles and bonding with their fathers and mothers – it’s all there. You’ll get a chance to view all the recent BMW models, MINI models and Rolls Royce luxury movable art in one place – alongside BMW Motorrad as well.

It’s a place I like to visit every so often, if only to revisit all the particular models BMW offers. Last week, I had the opportunity to come to Munich, where BMW Welt was one place I had to visit.

You’ll find a set of fresh photos from this magical place right below.

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