BMW M3 owner’s wife makes awesome BMW M art

BMW M3, Interesting | April 15th, 2016 by 6
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If you’re a die-hard fan of the BMW brand, chances are you’ve made, or owned, some sort of BMW art in your life. Whether it …

If you’re a die-hard fan of the BMW brand, chances are you’ve made, or owned, some sort of BMW art in your life. Whether it be doodling the BMW Roundel in a notebook or buying a BMW poster for a bedroom wall, chances are there’s some sort of BMW artwork in your life. But it’s not likely that any of us have ever made anything quite like this.

Meet Nicole, a math teacher who has an artsy side and whose husband owns a BMW M3 that they both seem very much obsessed with. Nicole is working on an alphabet project where she creates artwork based on each letter of the alphabet. When it came time to do the letter M, she chose BMW’s M Division, with some prodding from her M-loving husband. So she set out to make some artwork based on the M Division and she used a method of paper-folding, called “Quilling”, to do so. What she ended up with is awesome.

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If you’re thinking, “Well, I’m a gearhead and I don’t like artsy stuff”, get that notion out of your head right now. Nicole understood the idea that car enthusiasts aren’t typically the artsy type and also understood that BMW M followers are very loyal and well versed folks. So she set out to make something that reflected the complex mechanical nature of motorsport while also doing her research into BMW M’s history. She even tracked down the origin of BMW M’s famous colors, which have subtly changed quite a bit over the years, so they would be as accurate as possible. She didn’t mess around.

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What she ended up making was the M logo, but making the three colored stripes hollow and filling them with color coordinated shapes, symbols and pieces that are relevant to BMW and its M Division. Inside the stripes, we can see a tach with the needle bouncing off the rev-limiter, which is brilliantly done, the different indicators you’d typically see inside a BMW gauge cluster and a large BMW Roundel, just to name a few. The shapes change colors as they move through the stripes and it really is expertly done. It seems as if it must have taken so many painstakingly precise hours of work to create.


Nicole takes us through the process, step by step, throughout this forum and gives the entire community high-resolution images of her work to be downloaded. It’s a genuinely awesome piece of automotive artwork and we should all be thanking Nicole for it. Guess who has both a new desktop and mobile wallpaper. This guy.

[Source: M3Forum]