MINI Is Considering Launching a Sedan Model – Report

MINI, Rumors | April 13th, 2016 by 3
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It was back in 2014 when the CEO of MINI, Peter Schwarzenbauer announced his ‘five super-heroes’ strategy that would change the way we view the British brand once and for all. Since then, we’ve seen a lot of changes over in Oxford and it looks like things are going to take an even stranger turn. According to a new report, a MINI Sedan model is being considered by the management. In light of the success the Clubman is recording now, a sedan model is the next progression.

According to Autocar, the news wasn’t confirmed by officials but they didn’t really go the extra mile to deny it either. Furthermore, the elusive answers some of the officials offered, coupled with extensive talks about how important sedans are in some parts of the world and how such a model would be in tune with the brand’s history, prepares us for – what seems to be – the inevitable.

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“For example, in Asia and the US, the sedan [saloon] segment is very big. This is very interesting to us, of course. The sedan concept is in our history.  So we have roots there. We have to look at it in a factual way. Customers may know of the strong heritage of the sedan concept, but it was never [sold in] big volumes. Most customers would hardly know that, so would they link to heritage?” said MINI product manager, Ralph Mahler.

It’s pretty obvious that this isn’t just coming straight off the bat but the BMW-owned company has been looking into this matter with quite some interest. If a MINI sedan is in the works, it would probably share its underpinnings with other new cars, and it will be built atop the UKL platform, being similar in size with the Clubman.

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The launch of the sedan might put a nail in the coffin of a production-version of the Rocketman concept, the small city car that has been praised by many. A small, city-car with a premium interior and feel, would be just what the brand needs but that would focus more on European markets where small cars are the norm. In today’s world, bigger markets such as the US and China are dictating terms and if sedans are all the hype there, then MINI has to adapt.