For Sale: Is this rough 1973 BMW 2002 tii worth the risk?

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The BMW 2002 tii is one of the most famous old Bimmers, one that fans love and would love to own. It’s also the second …

The BMW 2002 tii is one of the most famous old Bimmers, one that fans love and would love to own. It’s also the second most valuable 2002 variant, next to only the 2002 Turbo, so you can imagine that it’s worth a pretty penny. However, this particular 1973 BMW 2002 tii is only asking $16,500, which is pretty low for a good condition example, but that’s only because it’s a bit rough around the edges and would require a bit of TLC.

The BMW 2002 tii came with a fuel-injected variant of BMW’s 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine that developed 130 hp and came with a four-speed manual, a revised chassis and sportier suspension that the standard 2002. So it’s the enthusiast’s favorite of all BMW 2002s. So the car itself is incredibly fun to drive and one of the definitive BMWs of the era. However, is it worth the headache that this particular model might become?

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This owners 1973 2002 tii is painted in a sort of Burgundy color that’s been resprayed by its previous owner and, unfortunately, wasn’t resprayed very well. So it doesn’t look perfect. The interior is in good shape, but not perfect. Mechanically, the car is said to run fine, but idles rough when cold at startup and some things like the heater and windshield wipers don’t work. So there’s no doubt that this car will need some work.

Generally, though, all old cars need work because, well, they’re old. But being that this car’s previous owners(s) weren’t necessarily the most caring of owners, having painted it poorly and also welding in a new sunroof poorly, this 2002 tii could be especially difficult. Now, being that there isn’t any real rust and the car as a whole is in pretty good shape, it could be a great project in the future, especially considering the caliber of the car. It’s a fantastic car that could be worth the time, money and headaches that it would require. But it also could be a hopeless money pit.

Many parts have been replaced and fixes have been done, apparently, but that doesn’t mean more things won’t go wrong or that those fixes were done properly, as its previous owners don’t really have a great track record. So would you be willing to invest the money and work into such a classic and amazing car?