Are our BMW M7 dreams going to finally come true?

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While the newly released BMW M760Li xDrive M Performance variant of the flagship 7 Series may have satisfied the need for a ‘Hot 7’ for many BMW enthusiasts, it only wet the lips of most who are still craving a full-on M variant of BMW’s most luxurious car. BMW has never offered a genuine M Division variant of the 7 Series, despite many M Sport packages and now the M760Li. It’s actually quite odd, because BMW has always said that it would build anything customers would buy and enthusiasts have been begging for an M7 for ages now. So what gives, BMW?

Well, apparently, BMW has finally heard our cries because a car that looks suspiciously like it could be a BMW M7 has been caught driving around with other big M cars, such as the BMW M5 and X6 M. While we have no confirmation that this is the droid we’re looking for, it raises quite a lot of M7 flags.

Firstly, this so-called M7 prototype looks like a very fast version of the 7 Series, with monster wheels and brakes. It also is only wearing camouflage on its badges, which would suggest that this is a new model BMW doesn’t want us to know of. Plus, it’s far too early for BMW to be refreshing the 7 Series, as the current model just came out. So this is something new, M7 or not.

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If this is a BMW M7 in the works, then we wonder what kind of powertrain would lie underneath the skin. The current BMW M760Li already uses a monster 6.6 liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine that develops 600 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque, so what could BMW possibly use to upstage that? It’s likely that it would use the same V12, just with some M tuning to create more hp, probably to the tune of around 650 hp. If BMW does put out around 650 horses from an M7, that would make it the most powerful car in its class by far, with the Mercedes-AMG S65 only making 621 hp. And considering that AMG also uses a V12 in its flagship vehicle, it’s likely BMW goes that route as well, so as to not be upstaged by its fellow Germans.

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If such an M7 exists, expect it to have xDrive all-wheel drive, which could make it the first BMW M car (not SUV) to have the all-wheel drive technology, depending on if/when the next BMW M5 debuts with it. It could also forego some of the back seat luxury tech in the name of saving some precious kilograms, as customers of an M7 would be more concerned with driving it than being driven in it and customers who want the plush rear seat can go for the M760Li V12 Excellence instead.

We have no way of confirming or denying the BMW M7’s future existence at the moment, but these spy shots make things sneakingly suspicious, as it doesn’t seem like there’s any other reason for BMW to be testing a new 7 Series variant that isn’t an M7. There’s no need for a refresh, BMW already has all of the other 7er bases covered with gas, diesel and hybrid models and the M760Li is already here. So what else could BMW have up its sleeve other than a BMW M7? BMW enthusiasts may have their thirst quenched after all.

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