Is this 1991 BMW Z1 worth $100,000?

BMW Z | March 12th, 2016 by 3
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Back in 1989, BMW created possibly one of the strangest roadsters ever made at the time. If you think gullwing doors are strange, the BMW Z1’s downward-sliding doors will really freak you out. The literally slide down into the body frame to allow ingress. It’s not the most graceful ingress, but ingress nonetheless. But regardless of how difficult and, frankly, useless the Z1’s doors are, they still make the Z1 one of the coolest cars BMW made in its era. But is it really worth six-figures?

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The BMW Z1 debuted in 1989 and was built on the E30 3 Series platform. It used the 2.5 liter inline six-cylinder engine from the 325i and paired that engine with a five-speed manual gearbox. The BMW Z1 only came in a convertible body style and was only available in rear-wheel drive. The front suspension was also from the BMW 325i.

The body of the Z1 was made from plastic and could be completely removed from the frame of the car and replaced within 40 minutes, according to BMW. The side and door panels were made out of GM’s XENOY thermoplastic, something even GM ditched later on. But the BMW Z1 could actually have been driven without a body, thanks to its strange construction.

The downward-sliding doors were operated by electric motors and could be operated manually if needed. The windows could be operated independently of the doors, but automatically rolled down if the doors were opene…err slid down. While the BMW Z1 is road-legal in the US, it’s not legal to drive it with the doors down, which is odd considering that it seems to be legal to drive a Jeep Wrangler with its doors off.

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This particular dark green example is a 1991 model year car with only 29,800 miles on it and is in fantastic condition. There doesn’t seem to be a single thing wrong with this Z1 and looks like it did when it came off the showroom floor. The black leather interior is also in pristine condition and looks great. While green isn’t the best color for the Z1, as it should be something a bit more exciting, like red, this Z1 still looks pretty cool.

The BMW Z1 is a very rare car, with BMW only making around 8,000 unit snap pretty much all of them being sold in Germany. Add its rarity to its funky, one-of-a-kind styling and you can easily see why it’s so valuable. But is it worth the $100,000 price tag that this Florida owner is asking?