Next-generation BMW G20 3 Series gets an evolutionary rendering

Rumors | February 28th, 2016 by 19
BMW 3 Series 2018 rendering front 750x500

Even though the next-generation BMW G20 3 Series is rumored to feature a radical and fresh design, the folks over at L’Automobile Magazine in France have drawn up some new renderings based on the current F30 design and platform. The images seen below show an evolutionary design which builds atop the present 3 Series with some visual upgrades – slimmer, full LED headlights, more aggressive front bumper with large air intakes and the OLED taillights introduced by the new M4 GTS.

2018 bmw 3 series rear end render 750x465

The upcoming G20 3 Series is on its way and it’s been recently caught testing on the streets of Germany wearing heavy camouflage completely hiding all the fine design details.

2018 BMW G20 3 Series images 2 750x500

In a previous report, Autobild Germany said the new 7 Series has opened the eyes of the BMW bosses – great car, superior driving qualities – but the car does not look as new as it really is. Therefore, the next 3er must be very clearly distinguished from its predecessor. This applies not only to the interior, but also to the exterior design.


BMW design team was tasked with an interesting project – design the future 3 Series which is not only extremely luxurious and full of tech, but also the Ultimate Driving Machine. Sources say the G20 3 Series will feature some cutting edge design lines, with more sculpted surfaces than the current generation and more luxurious looks. The use of chrome is an interesting choice since it denotes both a sporty and premium design.

The new 3 Series aims to dominate the next step of digitization. Instruments, head-up display and central monitor are combined into a composite indicator ergonomically placed in the cabin with pre-defined priorities and information to come into view. The input is amplified by touch, zoom and wipe commands, but gesture and view control could be a part of the system as well.

An interoperable voice control makes the known rotary-push iDrive knob long superfluous.

BMW is also working on the modernization of its current engine kit. The start of production of the 3 Series – scheduled for summer of 2018 – will coincide with the launch of an electrically driven compressor (instant torque), more powerful 48V systems and an advanced regen system that can recirculate 20 kW and more. Diesel and petrol engines will continue to be at the core of the 3 Series offerings.