BMW project iX / BMW i5 to arrive in 2020

Rumors | February 26th, 2016 by 8
BMW i5 rendering new 750x500

Next project from the i Division is slated for 2020. Previously rumored as the i5 or i6, the new electric BMW car is built internally under the name project iX.

According to Automobile, the third i-car starting off life as a bigger i3 before becoming a minivan of sorts and then a smaller sedan. But the latest design iterations are allegedly showing a four-door hatchback with subtle SUV elements. The architecture is also said to be steel-intensive, even though we believe carbon fiber will continue to play an important role in the construction of the future i car.

BMW i5 new rendering rear 750x535

The underpinnings of the BMW i5 are known internally as FSAR, short for flat battery storage assembly, similar to the modular CLAR platform underpinning several new BMWs allowing multiple cars to be channeled through the same factory.

FSAR and CLAR will also share different technologies, like faster 5G mobile chips which will help with BMW’s autonomous driving plans.

A concept car showing the future i car is likely to arrive sometimes around 2018.