Your choice of car could predict your choice of President

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We typically don’t like to mix cars and politics, as the two don’t mix very well. Talking politics is almost as taboo, actually possibly more …

We typically don’t like to mix cars and politics, as the two don’t mix very well. Talking politics is almost as taboo, actually possibly more taboo, than talking sex in any public forum and more likely to insult someone as well. However, BestRide did a survey recently to see if there was any correlation between choice of car and choice of presidential candidate. Without judgement, the results are quite interesting.

But to be clear, we aren’t talking politics or taking sides, we’re simply just giving you the results of BestRide’s survey.

In this survey, 10,000 were asked only two questions: Which brand of car did they drive and which presidential candidate are they going to vote for. Nothing else. Now, this isn’t the most scientifically accurate survey ever conducted, but it is interesting. The man who processed the results explains it as such: If he says ““electric car owners are more likely to support Hillary Clinton relative to the background population.” This does not mean that electric car owners support Hillary more than Bernie. This means that the percentage of votes for Hillary among electric car owners is greater than the percentage of votes for Hillary among the entire poll population, and that this difference is statistically significant.”

So now that we understand that this isn’t concrete evidence, let’s take a look at the results among the presidential candidates still in the running. According to BestRide and CarTalk, the two companies who put the survey on together, Bernie Sanders received and overwhelming wealth of votes among the 10,000 people surveyed, just about doubling the second runner up, Hillary Clinton.

Those Sanders supporters are more likely, statistically, to drive either a Honda, a Subaru or a Volvo. And not new Volvos, old 240s and stuff like that.

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Republican candidates, like Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz,  got the majority of their votes from American car brands, such as Ford, Chevy and Dodge. Not so much with Toyota or Honda.

Prius drivers are 40 percent more likely to vote for Hillary more than the general population, but also support Ted Cruz 126 percent more than the general population. However, Toyota drivers are more likely to vote Democrat than Republican.

Whereas Ford drivers are more likely to vote Republican. Most Ford drivers surveyed were likely to vote for Trump, with Fusion drivers mostly going for Republicans in general.

You would think that Sanders and Clinton would hog all of the hybrids and efficient cars, but Ben Carson got quite a lot of efficient owners’ votes, with even a couple of rare THINK City EV owners voting his way and a lot of Tesla Model S owners.

Interestingly enough, BMW owners were more likely to vote Republican, going for John Kasich and Chris Christie. Most other luxury automaker’s owners were also likely to vote Republican, with Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Cadillac and Porsche owners all more likely to go Red than Blue.

It’s an interesting test, one that shows some expected trends and some not so expected ones. Like I mentioned earlier, this isn’t the most scientific of tests and these trends aren’t concrete. But if you want to check out the rest of the results, as they are somewhat interesting and entertaining, you can find them here.

[Source: Autoblog]