If you live in America, it’s a good chance you watched, or at least saw bits of, the Super Bowl. It’s America’s biggest sporting event and one of the most televised events all year. Hundreds of millions of people tune in to watch the Super Bowl each and every year, so you’d imagine that its advertising time is quite expensive. Because it’s such a big deal to get a Super Bowl commercial on the air, companies usually go all out when making them, typically trying to make the audience either laugh or cry. But the main goal is to be talked about the next day.

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In America, Super Bowl commercials have become almost as popular as the game itself, with many watchers waiting for specific companies’ ads. For instance, everyone loves the Budweiser commercials (despite their terrible beer), which always feature the famous Clydesdales. But car companies more often than not put out the best commercials of the Super Bowl and this year was the same. Unfortunately, BMW didn’t put a Super Bowl commercial out this year, but many other car companies did. So let’s take a look at the top five best Super Bowl commercials for this year.

5. Jeep’s 75 Year Commercial: To commemorate 75 years of the famous American brand, Jeep put out a commercial that shows all of the great things the brand has been able to do. Serve in wars, aid explorers, star in movies and carry families, these are some of the things Jeep talks about in the commercial, all through the faces of the great people who used Jeeps. It’s a cool commercial that shows some great American heroes and icons as well as remind us of some of the landmarks that Jeep was apart of. It’s a cool way to commemorate 75 years of the coolest American car company.

4. Hyundai Genesis – First Date: The new Super Bowl spot for the brand-new Hyundai Genesis features funnyman Kevin Hart lending his new Genesis to his daughter and a young man to go on their first date. He does this so he can monitor where they go via the Genesis’ Car Finder feature. He follows them around, spying on their date in hilarious situations, completely unbeknownst to his daughter, giving her boyfriend mean looks and telling him to stay away. It’s funny, outrageous and ridiculous, but Kevin Hart is on fire at the moment and it’s good to see him be funny again.

3. Hyundai Elantra – Ryanville: The new ad for the brand-new Hyundai Elantra features Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds, well, everywhere. As two women drive their new Elantra down suburban streets, they see Ryan Reynolds in every man they pass. Being that he’s a pretty big heartthrob at the moment, the two women can’t look away and are easily getting distracted. This is right up until the moment that they almost run over a man, who looks like Ryan Reynolds, walking his dogs. But they don’t hit him because the car can stop itself to protect them while they’re distracted.

2. MINI – Defy Labels: MINI is a brand that, in America at least, can come with some pretty negative labels. In America, we typically like big, powerful cars. So MINIs are often looked at as “chick cars” or “gay cars” or other things of the like. Well, MINI’s new celebrity-packed ad shows how their cars defy those labels and it hits home pretty well. Women like Serena Williams and Abby Wombach defy the first two aforementioned labels while various other celebrities help to defy other negative lables. It’s funny and statement-making all at the same time and makes for a very good commercial.

1. Audi – Commander: While the previous four Super Bowl commercials were good, Audi’s was great. The tv spot opens with a retired astronaut commander who seems to have lost his zeal, won’t eat and won’t speak to anyone. When a family member, presumably his son, arrives, he tells the Commander to come with him. They walk outside, only to see the son’s Audi R8 parked out front and he hands the Commander the keyfob. Immediately, as they start walking toward the R8, the Commander starts getting flashbacks of his days walking toward a space shuttle. As he gets in he’s getting similar flashbacks to prepping the shuttle for launch and when he hears “liftoff” he thumbs the starter button to the tune of David Bowie’s Starman. It’s an emotional commercial that tugs at the heart strings in the best way and shows kickass footage of both rockets and the new Audi R8. The other ads were good, but none were as good as this.

Honorable Mentions: KIA’s Christopher Walken Closet commercial was pretty funny and Honda’s New Truck to Love ad, featuring the new Honda Ridgeline and goats singing Queen’s Somebody to Love, was funny as well.