We all remember last year’s Super Bowl commercial by BMW, the one with Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel driving a BMW i3 with great confusion. It mirrored old footage of Couric and Gumbel discussing the internet in its infancy, asking what it was exactly. The commercial became very popular and was shown on many channels thereafter. The reason it was so popular was that it showed is how new, groundbreaking technology is always confusing and will always be met with hesitance and that the new BMW i3 is just as influential to the automotive world as the internet was to our world way back when.

bmw i3 super bowl ad 03 750x422

Many of us were hoping for a new BMW commercial for this year’s Super Bowl, but sadly BMW has dropped out for this year. It’s a shame because BMW usually comes up with great, witty ads that we always enjoy. However, the Bavarians aren’t the only ones to drop out. Mercedes-Benz won’t be doing another, despite last year’s AMG GT spot and Jaguar won’t be continuing last year’s very popular and villainous “Good to be Bad” ads. Lincoln won’t have Matthew McConaughey talking to himself anymore, which is both sad and refreshing, sad because we can’t watch and make fun of them anymore but refreshing that we don’t have to see them anymore. We haven’t heard anything about Fiat bringing back its hilarious “little blue pill” commercials, but we can hope.

2015 FIAT 500X Super Bowl Commercial 750x422
Fiat Super Bowl Commercial

Some new automakers will being doing some this year, though. Audi will be coming back to the Super Bowl after missing out last year, but no word on what the ad will be. Acura will be showcasing its latest NSX commercial, after giving us a tease a couple of years ago with Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. Buick will also be showing off ts new Cascada convertible with actress Emily Ratajkowski and New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Though the flashiness of those two doesn’t seem like it will work well with the Buick brand, the geezers at Buick seem to think otherwise.

We’ll miss BMW’s ad this year, but there’s sure to be some other great ones.

[Source: Auto News]