BMW i8 saves lives after a terrible crash

BMW i | January 31st, 2016 by 18
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When BMW introduced the new i8, their engineering team didn’t just speak at length about the lightweight savings of the carbon fiber structure, but also …

When BMW introduced the new i8, their engineering team didn’t just speak at length about the lightweight savings of the carbon fiber structure, but also about the safety associated with the use of the expensive and cutting-edge technology.

Fast forward two years and today we see an i8 saving lives. According to a Bimmerfest forum member – and the EMS team – this i8 saved the life of a teenager. The father tells an emotional story that no BMW safety advertising campaign can ever match.

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I’ve had a few pm’s regarding the demise of my i8, so I thought I’d post a quick synopsis of what happened now that the dust has settled. Yes, the driver was my teenaged son. No, neither drugs nor alcohol were involved. What was involved was an unfamiliar dark country road, an unmarked gate across the road, and the combination of gravel and antilock brakes. Yes, he was inexperienced enough to rely on the GPS showing the road continuing straight onward, and yes, he was probably driving too fast (no posted speed limit on the road, so knowing kids, yeah). They hit the gate, the airbags immediately deployed, blocked their field of vision so they did not see the immediate turn in the road and embankment. Car hit the embankment and flipped.

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Here’s where BMW gets my loyalty. BMW assist was talking to him immediately after the airbags deployed. They alerted EMS exactly to where the car was, in a very rural, unmarked area, they alerted my husband and me, and within minutes the stabilization of the car and the passengers had begun. EMS personnel were talking among themselves when I arrived – they were amazed that the passenger had gotten out by himself and walked away (no injuries, did not require treatment), and that the driver was alert and talking (concussion, two compression fractures). With the severity of the impact they had expected no survivors. In the days that followed, the insurance investigator and the EMS scene supervisor both called multiple times to say they had never seen anything like the stress-absorbing features of the carbon fiber structure and that the stabilization of the battery and human compartments on impact was amazing. They made it clear that it was the engineering of the vehicle that was responsible for my son’s life. And yes, the kid learned his lesson. He now drives an old Subaru with a speed tracking device on it (MotoSafety, if you have kids, it’s great), and the replacement money from the insurance company went straight into a hospital project in Cambodia. Here’s the photos, there are more on the album in my profile.

More photos below.

18 responses to “BMW i8 saves lives after a terrible crash”

  1. Guillaume Perret says:

    you do not lend a i8 or any car above 100 HP to a teenager …

    • Terry Cowan says:

      My brother & I totalled a Pinto & Duster (the 70’s). It’s about education & experience, not horsepower. Bro never did learn.

      • Guillaume Perret says:

        I was driving a Peugeot 106 with a 1L 50 HP engine, I drove it up to 160kmh, you would have given me a i8 at this age, I would have been driving it a 250.
        Yo uare right, it’s about experience, and if I’m not mistaken, it usually comes with time, hence a teen cannot have it. (we are not taking as a reference the son of Ayrton Senna or other)

    • 2sfhim says:

      Three days ago I was with teenagers driving 150 and 160 hp small cars (their parents cars). They respected speed limits.

  2. Rob K says:

    I agree that a teenager should not be driving an i8. The obvious consequence is a combination of high speed and inexperience. We’ve all been teenagers who have done stupid things. Teenagers don’t need tools that amplify those stupid things. That’s the end of my Monday morning quarterbacking.

    Glad he made it out alive. Glad his passenger made it out unscathed. Glad that an innocent bystander didn’t become a victim.

  3. CDspeed says:

    They definitely had to be speeding, you don’t get that kind of carnage at 20 miles per hour. And come on lending a kid a one hundred thousand dollar plus sports car, there was probably a 99% chance of this happening.

    • Semper Gumby says:

      From the description given about the incident, it sounds like this could have happened even if they had been driving a ~$20K car as well. Driving on an unfamiliar road at night, relying on the GPS for navigation, speeding (probably would have been speeding no matter what they were driving) and an unexpected gate closing off the roadway. However, their injuries would have probably been much more severe (or fatal) in a small econo-box.

      • CDspeed says:

        It’s possible, it is an easy car to get carried away in so you might go a bit faster. And yes the carbon fiber certainly proved itself, it makes me feel good about my little i3.

  4. Ask says:

    He was lucky he wasn’t in one of the ferraris or lambos.

  5. Blake Arrendell says:

    It’s great that he survived and all, but why would you lend a teenager a $100k+ car?

  6. BMW…the ultimate driving machine…the safest driving machine…you can always feel safe in a BMW…thank god for german engineering!

  7. Stephen Garrett says:

    Sounds like the expected results of giving a teenager a six figure sports car. Stupid parents.

  8. Behzad says:

    Thousands of cars save thousands of lives every day , no one bats eye …
    BMW i8 saves a live , and Everybody loses their Minds !!!

  9. Gary says:

    “That will just buff out and you won’t even know”

  10. Brandon says:

    I agree with the fact no teenager or young adult should be driving a high performance car like this I8 (what use would a 16-25 year old have for it? also house should be more important at this age) but i also disagree to a certain point. Not every young driver is stupid and speed crazy (male or female) i’m 20 years old and i’d never drive a fast at night, bad weather or a public area. specially if its not my car to be doing stupid shit in and that i wouldn’t be familiar with it’s braking,traction/handling capabilities, etc…. point is not every young person is stupid if someone handed me the keys to their Bugatti, lambo or old muscle car whatever it is.. i wouldn’t touch it!… (okay i would touch it i lied but i wouldn’t drive it id just look under the hood and such) i went to college for automotive/mechanic, i love cars,trucks, motorcycles.. anything with a engine in it! I’d probably blow my brains out if i wrecked a beautiful vehicle… Being mature is what matters more than age but yes maturity comes with age of course… also some people mature sooner than others i know 40 year olds who act like their 12… I think a brain is the most important thing of all.. id say common sense but most people don’t understand that word anymore. Stupid kids is what ruins it for the rest of us. I should stop rambling on now lmao
    Thanks for reading :)

  11. George Gourlay says:

    Well that rather expensive car had not had a good life, if you zoom into the front right wing you can see it already has a load of filler in it..

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