BMW 1 Series sedan spied testing in snow

1 Series, Spy Photos | January 27th, 2016 by 7
BMW 1 Series Sedan spy photos 750x500

Ever since we got word that BMW would be making a 1 Series sedan, fans got all tingly inside with idea that BMW would again be making a sedan that’s the right size with proper driving dynamics. However, once BMW broke the news that this 1 Series sedan could be front-wheel drive, fans started to become outraged at the idea of a sporty BMW with a transverse engine and front driven wheels. However, after seeing first-hand how good the UKL platform can be, we’re actually quite optimistic.

Well, this front-wheel drive 1 Series sedan has just been caught testing in the snow. From the new spy photos Motor Trend has just released, we can see that this 1er sedan is significantly smaller than the 3 Series. Using the man behind the wheel as a reference, this 1 Series looks positively tiny in comparison with the 3 Series.

BMW 1 Series Sedan spy photos 2 750x563

But it does look very front-driven. The front overhang is a bit longer than you’d typically see on a BMW, to fit all of the front-wheel drive gubbins, naturally, and the rear end is very short and tucked. Aside from that, it’s rather hard to make anything else out. The headlights look a bit squinty and angry, which could do well for a sportier look. The single exhaust pipe could also indicate a diesel engine under the hood.

While this 1 Series being front-wheel drive might turn some fans off, and it is a bit strange to think of a fwd BMW, it will likely be available with xDrive all-wheel drive and that will almost certainly be the volume model. This will compete well with the Mercedes-Benz CLA Class and Audi A3, both of which are front-wheel drive as standard, but the majority of them are sold with all-wheel drive.

The BMW 1 Series is starting to look quite promising, with its compact proportions and it could offer a very sporty yet affordable package for entry-level BMW enthusiasts. The front-wheel drive part is a bit strange, but it could be a blessing in disguise.

[Source: Motor Trend]