This BMW F10 5 Series comes with the M Sport package and with a custom set of Vossen Wheels that further accentuate its aggressive exterior appearance.

In Europe, the M Sport aero kit and interior package was available to order with pretty much any engine selection, giving owners a true taste of M-inspired looks for a smaller price. The BMW 5 Series seen here comes with a set of Vossen VFS-1 wheels in a Carbon Graphite finish. They give the vehicle this interesting dark scheme, allowing the modded front headlights to match the overall look.

BMW 5 Series M Sport With Vossen Wheels 2 750x500

The tinted windows, dark wheels and the car being properly lowered make this BMW 5 Series look menacing.

Check out the full media gallery of this build right below.

BMW 5 Series M Sport With Vossen Wheels 9 750x500