The upcoming BMW Z5 looks promising

BMW Z, Interesting, Spy Photos | January 18th, 2016 by 10
BMW Z5 spy photos 5 750x500

Finally, we get a glimpse of the upcoming BMW Z4 replacement, the BMW Z5. We’ve been waiting for years for a replacement to the beloved Z4. As good of a car as it is, it’s time for an update. And that update just got caught testing in some extreme cold and snow, so we’ve gotten a glimpse at what it might look like and it looks promising.

While we can’t make out too much, as these are just spy photos of a car wearing heavy camouflage, we can make out a few details. Firstly, it doesn’t look as big as some fans are saying. There are quite a few people claiming it to be too big and bashing BMW for giving the Z5 a couple extra inches and pounds over its predecessor. However, it actually looks relatively little, despite the fact that it is larger than the outgoing car. It just doesn’t look too big or even as big as many people are making it out to be.
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Another important thing we can see is the soft top roof. The previous Z4 had a folding metal hard top roof, the kind that adds a lot of weight and unnecessary complications. This was a move that split the opinions of many BMW fans, as many were happy with the metal hard top due to its look, interior comfort and better sound insulation. However, many were upset with the switch, claiming it to ruin the idea of a lightweight roadster. The latter fans will be happy to know that the next Z5 will have a lighter weight soft top.

Along with the lighter roof, the next BMW Z5 should be built with a strong emphasis on lightweight materials in both the chassis and the body. BMW is doing some amazing work with its Carbon Core technology and if any of that can make its way into the next BMW Z5, we can expect a very lightweight roadster, maybe even the lightest in the segment.

We also know that Toyota has been working with BMW on this Z5 roadster, which will likely share its platform with an upcoming Toyota sports car, however we don’t know the extent to which Toyota was involved. This is a fact that is also splitting the opinions of BMW fans, many of which don’t like the fact that BMW has been developing a car with the Japanese economy car maker. Though, with he recent success of Toyota’s GT-86 and how good that car actually is to drive, this shouldn’t scare off any BMW fans.

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Overall, with the emphasis on lightweight materials and the new B48 and B58 engines that will likely power the BMW Z5, this looks to be a promising successor to the Z4. We really can’t make out any design details yet, but if it’s an evolution of the Z4, it should look great as well. All in all, this is exciting news for BMW and its fans.