Nearly new BMW Z8 to sell at Auction

BMW Z8 | December 29th, 2015 by 8
BMW Z8 25 NK3NXODEZQ 1600x1200 750x500

If you happen to have a spare few hundred thousand dollars lying around and are going to be in the Phoenix, Arizona area in the near future, it might tickle you to know that there’s going to be a nearly brand-new BMW Z8 going for auction.

The BMW Z8 is one of our favorite BMWs, as it has timeless good looks, a stonking M5-derived V8 and a six-speed manual. It may not be the purest of handling cars, but it’s so good looking and so powerful that it doesn’t matter. It’s an instant classic. Not to mention it was James Bond’s car, in the World is Not Enough.

The BMW Z8 actually didn’t receive much love when it first debuted, as it had journalists calling it too heavy and sloppy. But now it’s so desirable, it’s selling for double or triple what it was worth when new. Which is why this practically new example selling at the RM Sotheby’s auction is just incredible.

This particular Z8 only has 550 miles on its odometer, meaning that it’s barely been broken in and is almost brand new. There are brand-new cars that almost have that mileage. Considering its low mileage and absolutely mint condition, expect this BMW Z8 to sell for nearly triple what it was worth when new. But is it worth it?

The BMW Z8 is a bit of a weird car, despite how gorgeous and amazing. It isn’t the best driver’s car in the world but it’s still incredible enjoyable to drive in an old-school sort of way. It rolls quite a bit in corners and is a tad sloppy in the handling. But it’s crazy fast in a straight line, has a nice comfortable suspension, a six-speed gearbox and a wonderful V8 noise. But it’s just not the kind of car that lights your hair on fire to drive. Which means spending that kind of money on it would delegate it to showroom duty in some rich collector’s garage. Is it worth spending that much money on a Z8, only to stuff it in a garage?

Well, it is very pretty and would make an excellent show car. It’s one of the best looking cars to ever come from BMW, so it would be a good car to keep pristine and show off every once in a while. But that sort of defeats the purpose of a BMW. They aren’t meant to be show cars, BMWs are meant to be driven and driven hard. But is a Z8’s driving experience worth spending that kind of money on? I’m not so sure.

So this is an amazing car with a great history and even better looks. But is it worth its massive asking price, even with its incredibly low mileage?