This BMW M2 hangs out in New York City

BMW M2 | December 20th, 2015 by 6
bmw m2 coupe f87 NYC 750x500

A few dozen BMW M2s are already on U.S. soil. Some of them are getting prepped for upcoming press test drives, others for auto shows, marketing and customer events, but there is always a small batch that gets driven by BMW personnel.

This M2 in Long Beach Blue – spotted in New York City – is likely being driven by a BMW North America employee who decided to take the Lincoln tunnel from the headquarters into the vibrant and always busy Manhattan. More exactly, in Little Italy.

bmw m2 coupe f87 NYC 1 750x482

Whether there for lunch or meetings, the driver and his unique – for now – M2 was likely to attract a crowd around it and inspire several bypassers to take their phones out for a snapshot, one that could lead to the “glory” of having their photo featured on one of the many BMW enthusiasts websites.

We know a couple BMW NA folks who have the M2 as their daily driver, but we can’t pinpoint the one driving this prototype. All we can do is be jealous of him. Or her.

bmw m2 coupe f87 NYC 750x508

In about three weeks time, BMWBLOG will be heading to Detroit for the first date with the highly-awaited “baby-M2.” Or by some accounts, the second “baby-M.”

For now, all we can do is enjoy the curvaceous rear end and dream of the day when we’ll toss it around the track. And that day is just around the corner.

[Source: Autogespot]