This BMW M4 displays tasteful stripes and plenty of carbon fiber

BMW M4, Tuning | December 20th, 2015 by 2
BMW M4 Racing Strips 750x500

BMW’s first M4 Coupe needs almost no introduction. Since its launch last year, it has quickly rose on the sales chart for the Bavarians and – despite some small annoyances – has won plenty of accolades from consumers and the press.

The M4 is also on the top of the list of most modded/tuned cars and every week tens of projects are revealed or updated. One could say the new M3 and M4 are the darlings of the aftermarket world.

This brings us to this M4 featured today. Hailing from Essen, Germany, this Alpine White went through a few small, yet effective visual changes, so let’s get the first one out of the way. The M stripes kit.

BMW M4 Racing Strips 4 750x497

The decals kit features M stripes running above the door sills all the way to the trunk, while another stripe follows the bottom crease on the side of the car. The kit is not as flashy as others we’ve seen in the past and stands out enough in a sea of sporty coupes.

BMW M4 Racing Strips 5 750x497

Next on the owner’s list was a series of carbon fiber parts from the M Performance Parts catalog. Those high-quality aero parts fit nothing better than the immaculate Alpine White color on any BMW. And they don’t fail to impress on this M4 as well. The front is dominated by a carbon fiber splitter with two large air curtains. The blacked out kidney grille is a must today for any BMW owner while the rear spoiler accentuates the sleek and sporty tail.


Judging by the carbon ceramic brakes with yellow callipers, the owner of this M4 is likely to track this car. The expensive, yet uber cool brakes are a must for any car racing aficionado.

Whether you’re the tuning type of guy or the one that keeps his cars stock, it’s hard not appreciate some of these clean builds with tasteful aero parts and enough pop to enhance the car’s looks.

[Source: Autogespot]

2 responses to “This BMW M4 displays tasteful stripes and plenty of carbon fiber”

  1. trashken says:

    What wheels are those?

  2. Stephen Garrett says:

    I wouldn’t do it, but the car looks good.

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