Man buys BMW M3, finds out Clarkson thrashed it on Top Gear

BMW M3, Interesting | December 10th, 2015 by 13
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Do you remember one of the more recent Top Gear episodes in which Jeremy Clarkson drives the BMW M3 and absolute hoons it on the Top …

Do you remember one of the more recent Top Gear episodes in which Jeremy Clarkson drives the BMW M3 and absolute hoons it on the Top Gear test track? We spoke about it awhile back. If not, we’ll give you the abridged version. In the video Clarkson slides a Yas Marina Blue M3 all over the test track, giving it some proper hoonage, while claiming it to be excellent. This is what Top Gear does, er, did. So it’s really no surprise.

However, a man in England was actually quite surprised to find out that the Yas Marina Blue BMW M3 that he had just bought for £50,000 was the very same M3 Clarkson had given quite the beating on Top Gear. Normally, this would be exciting for an enthusiast to own a car that was broken in by Jeremy Clarkson. Until things start to break that is.

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Ron Willis, the man who bought Clarkson’s M3, has reported some strange issues coming from the car because of the hoonage that was done to it. Willis was reporting brake and steering issues almost immediately following his purchase, as well as odd clunking noises, and his local garage couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. It wasn’t until months later that he saw the Top Gear episode that featured a Yas Marina Blue BMW M3 with the same number plate as his.

After seeing his car on Top Gear, he went the dealer that he bought the car from and told them to sort the issues out and was given several replacement cars before finally receiving his M3 back in working condition. Apparently, everything is fine with the car now.

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It’s a good thing Willis’ M3 was able to be sorted out and repaired, as that’s quite an expensive car to own and have immediate issues with, but it is quite the story to say that his M3 was broken because of Jeremy Clarkson. It probably makes the inconvenience a little bit easier to know that. It sucks to have to deal with, as it must be incredibly frustrating to buy such an expensive performance car and then not being able to use it due to issues. But, now that it’s fixed, it makes for a cool and funny story to tell in pubs.

If there’s any fingers to point or blame to place, it’s probably at the dealer who sold Willis the car. They should have thoroughly inspected the car, as dealers do with any pre-owned car, before selling it and made sure that there weren’t any issues with it. But as long as the dealer repaired everything a no charge, Willis only has some inconvenience and a new funny story to tell.

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