For Sale: 2001 Dinan-tuned BMW M3

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Dinan M3 front 750x500

Searching for rare or interesting, pre-owned BMWs is always good fun. Everyone has a BMW 3 Series or an M3, but it’s more interesting to go looking for something special that you don’t see so often. One of the more interesting cars that you can find around the interwebs is a Dinan-tuned BMW.

Dinan has been tuning BMWs for ages now, and they do some pretty incredible work. The best part about Dinan cars is that they keep the identity of the original car alive. Dinan upgrades are usually pretty subtle but make a big difference. A Dinan-tuned car usually feels like the original car, just cranked up to eleven. Sharper, faster and louder, but not necessarily different. It’s actually quite an achievement, what Steve Dinan and his crew have been able to do.

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This 2001 Dinan-tuned BMW M3 is a perfect example of that. Aside from the Dinan decals on it, you’d have no idea it wasn’t just a regular M3. And before even getting into what Dinan did to this M3, it’s already an incredible attractive car. The E46 M3 is possibly the best looking M3 of them all, but add in the gorgeous Laguna Seca Blue paint, the Dove leather interior and those BBS wheels and this is one of the more desirable E46 M3s out there. It even has the proper gearbox, a six-speed manual.

But on top of how gorgeous the original car is, Dinan decided to add some subtle enhancements, but not like the kind you see on those infomercials where middle-aged men can suddenly ‘perform’ better afterward. No, these are genuine enhancements that don’t take away from the nature of the M3 itself. A Dinan cold-air intake was installed, as well as a free-flow exhaust with black tips. This gives a decent power bump while also adding some extra noise to enhance the driving experience, but it’s nothing crazy. Bored throttle bodies give it better throttle response and a front strut brace stiffen up the steering just a bit. But things get extra powerful with Dinan’s Stage 4 Software tune. This will add some serious power, increase fuel economy and sharpen throttle response even further. Steve Dinan made his mark on the industry with his fantastic BMW tunes and this one would be no different.

Dinan M3 rear 750x501

There are some cosmetic upgrades as well, such as the aforementioned BBS wheels, aluminum pedals and painted brake calipers. The car looks sensational and it’s in such good condition because it only has 9,780 miles on it. That’s basically brand-new and right from the factory. Well, after a trip to Dinan, of course. With those sorts of upgrades, the extremely desirable color combo and the amazingly low mileage, it’s no wonder the seller is asking $69,900. That’s a lot for a car that’s almost 15 years old, but considering its mileage, the fact that, after all of the tunes and upgrades, it will still keep up with modern performance cars in its class and that it will provide the kind of driving experience that can’t be had in today’s performance cars, it’s actually not too bad. Would you pay that much money for this gorgeous Dinan M3?

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  1. Jeremy Snyder says:

    I LOVE my 2006 330Ci w/ ZHP + Dinan tuning!! I’m not sure I’d pay almost $70k for an 2001 M3 w/ Dinan……… but, I have 160k miles on my car– I can’t imagine the owner drove less than 10k miles… such a waste!! I look for any excuse i can get to take my car out… “babe, you need groceries? i’ll get ’em for you!!” lol…

    Dinan tuning is FANTASTIC… i have their Stage 2 software, high-flow throttle body, cold-air intake, front/rear racing braces, complete exhaust overhaul, etc… thankfully, the last guy who owned the car had all the work done and it didn’t residualize (sp?) so i probably saved $5k………… spent about $20k on my car w/ 120k miles on it originally… maybe $70k isn’t so bad for this M3 (that would probably blow my car out’f the water, performance-wise…)…

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