With a virtual wide bodykit for the BMW i8, the folks over at Rain Prisk Designs shows once again how versatile the design of the plug-in hybrid sports car is and how it can be interpreted and modified – if needed. Just a few weeks ago, Rain Prisk Designs shared with us an exciting rendering of a BMW i8 Shooting Brake which takes its design cues from the Z3 M Coupe with the futuristic lines of the i8 progressive hybrid.

BMW i8 Widebody Rain Prisk Designs 750x422

This wide body version of the BMW i8 highlights a super athlete who strives to impress with an extremely wide track and sophisticated aerodynamics for maximum performance. The powerfully designed wheel arches at the front and rear axle are thereby creating the necessary space for wide tires – a contrast to the “regular” i8.

In the perfect world, the BMW i8 Widebody would be paired with an equally impressive powertrain and stiffer suspensions. BMW’s i8 Safety Car duty is a more powerful, lighter and stiffer version of the standard car. The FIA Safety Car BMW i8 makes a combined 380 hp and has an overall range of 373 miles.

But, even the standard BMW i8 is a worthy competitor on the track. Sport Auto Test took the i8 to Hockenheim and recorded a lap time of 1:15.0 minutes. Thus, the i8 is on par with the Porsche Boxster (1:14.9) and Jaguar F-Type (1:15.2), but slower than the F82 M4 (1:12.8).

For now, this tuned-up i8 is a just dream, one unlikely to ever come to fruition.

[Source: Bimmertoday]