From 2007 to 2013, BMW built one of the best M3 models every to come out of the Garching gates – E92 M3. During the period, BMW sold up to 40.000 copies of the popular sports coupe before it was replaced by the first ever M4 Coupe.

Throughout the years, the M Division came out with several limited M3 Coupes, one of them being the BMW E92 M3 Carbon Edition. In 2011, 111 copies of the M3 Coupe Carbon Edition were built. All these copies were sold in China in no-time during the BMW M Legendary Experience.

bmw m3 e92 coupe carbon edition 6 750x500

The Carbon Edition was unveiled together with the M3 Matte Edition and M3 Tiger Edition.

All 111 units feature carbon fiber roofs, carbon fiber front lip splitters and trunk spoiler, carbon finer side mirror caps, hood inlets and a carbon fiber rear diffuser. Gloss black 19″ Style 220 M3 wheels finish off the exclusive look.

bmw m3 e92 coupe carbon edition 8 750x500

With all of them were destined for the Chinese market, customers from around the world had to resort to building their own replicas. This Fire Orange BMW E92 M3 Carbon Edition hails from Australia were it was spotted in daylight with the sun shinning down the beautiful Fire Orange paint job.


While not an original model, the M3 Carbon Edition replica is just as beautiful and imposing on the road, and one can only be considered lucky to own one.

[Source: Autogespot]