BMW 340i ad gets pulled from UK TV

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BMW is known as the Ultimate Driving Machine. It’s a brand that made itself famous for providing vehicles that had superior driving dynamics to its …

BMW is known as the Ultimate Driving Machine. It’s a brand that made itself famous for providing vehicles that had superior driving dynamics to its fellow cars. So naturally, its advertisements are geared toward driving and driving quickly. That’s the whole point behind buying a BMW, to drive quickly. Well, apparently, the UK governing bodies don’t like that very much.

A recent BMW advertisement for the brand-new 340i sedan has recently aired in the UK depicting someone driving the 340i exactly how its meant to be driven (fast) one some twisty, scenic canyon roads. In the advertisement, a voice over talks about how corners inspire you and dare you, all the while a driver is downshifting and revving out the glorious turbocharged I6 engine and tackling the corners. The voice over man then says that the new BMW 340i was “made for every one of them”, talking about the corners.
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Apparently, some busy bodied viewers felt that the commercial encouraged dangerous and reckless driving, so the people in charge told BMW to shut the ad down. BMW responded, claiming that the advertisement dared drivers to enjoy the journey in their BMW and didn’t dare them to drive dangerously. Well, the stuffed-shirts in charged isn’t buying that and has told BMW that the commercial may not be aired in its current format again and ‘We told BMW to ensure that future ads must not demonstrate the handling characteristic of a vehicle except in a clear context of safety, and that reference to this must not suggest excitement, aggression or competitiveness.’
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This is slightly ridiculous, if you ask me. It is implied that the driver is moving at a considerable clip, but not that he’s going 150 mph. The rev needle doesn’t even reach redline in the ad, it hits around 5,000 rpm. Your average passing maneuver puts the needle at around 5,000 rpm. Was he driving like an old lady? No, but it’s not as if BMW depicted the driver weaving in an out of traffic and endangering lives. It’s preposterous to think that this ad encourages dangerous driving. BMW’s advertising team must be getting frustrated because this is the second time within a year that BMW has had an ad removed due to whiny busy-bodies. Most recently, BMW aired an ad showing a couple in an X3 asking the car for directions to a different hotel as the one they pulled up to had a scary lady on the front porch and the couple called her “crazy”. This upset an entire legion of people who felt that BMW was being insensitive to mentally ill people. This is just another example of how people need to relax and stop taking everything so seriously.

In this 340i ad, it showed a guy enjoying the driving dynamics of his 340i on empty winding roads without another human in sight, not a guy trying to drift around an elementary school parking lot. BMW’s are the Ultimate Driving Machines for a reason, let BMW advertise them that way.

[Source and Top Photo: DailyMail]