Next-gen BMW 5 Series GT caught testing

5 Series, Spy Photos | November 3rd, 2015 by 1
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The current generation BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo has had its fair share of criticism. In terms of the way it drives, it’s superbly comfortable and excellent for distance cruising (hence the name Gran Turismo), but it’s not exactly fun to drive. It’s far too heavy and enormous to be a tossable car. It’s also quite, let’s be kind here, unattractive.

Actually, let’s face it, the 5 Series GT is pretty ugly and has been called the German Pontiak Aztek, which is probably the greatest insult in the history of the automobile. However, despite its ungainly looks and un-Ultimate-Driving-Machine dynamics, it sold well for BMW, so the Bavarian brand is making another one.

In actuality, the 5er GT was a good car, just not a very likable one. BMW seems to be changing that with the upcoming generation. Based on the upcoming G30 BMW 5 Series platform, the new GT will be considerably lighter than the outgoing model and should handle a great deal better as well. It should also be stiffer and more comfortable, also thanks to the new lightweight platform. But the biggest improvement will be the looks.

bmw 5 series gt hydrogen fuel cell spy photos 1 750x500

Upcoming BMW 5 Series GT hydrogen fuel cell

Caught while testing, Autoblog has some spy shots of the upcoming BMW 5 Series GT and its strange looks seem a little bit less strange. The current 5 Series GT has never looked right. It has strange proportions, the rear deck kind of morphs into the C Pillar and is just looks frumpy. But this new one seems to wear the style a bit better. The rear deck extends a bit more from the C Pillar, giving the rear end a less stubby look, and the roof is lower and less steeply raked. Overall, the new 5 Series GT is a huge improvement over the outgoing model and we haven’t even seen it without camouflage.

We know very little about the upcoming 5 Series except that it will be on BMW’s new G30 platform, will be considerably lighter than the current model and will have a variety of powertrains. BMW has given no official word, but we can surmise that the B58 TwinPower I6 engine, currently found in the 340i and 740i, will be available as will be at least one diesel and a plug-in hybrid model. There are even some whispers of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered variant, but nothing has been confirmed. But these new spy shots show that the new 5 Series GT will be better looking, regardless of what lies under the hood and that’s really all we needed to know.

[Source: Autoblog]