Apple’s ‘CarPlay’ and Google’s ‘Android Auto’ coming to BMW cars

News | November 3rd, 2015 by 22
apple carplay mercedes 750x500

BMW CEO Harald Krüger confirmed today – during a conference call quarterly report – that BMW will launch Apple’s ‘CarPlay’ and Google’s ‘Android Auto’ for their cars.

“We want our customers to be able to make full use of their smartphone’s features in the car as well,” Krüger said. “Thus, we are going to integrate Apple’s ‘CarPlay’ and Google’s ‘Android Auto’ into our vehicles. Obviously, it is not in the interest of our customers to give third-party providers access to their data. For us, the protection of our customers’ data is top priority.”

apple carplay mercedes 750x500

First rumors around BMW’s integration with Apple’s CarPlay and Google Android Auto first surfaced in September.

CarPlay essentially mimics the user’s iPhone onto the touchscreen and allows the driver to swipe and zoom in the same manner that they would on the phone. Earlier this year, Apple announced that CarPlay will soon let you control additional parts of your vehicle, directly from the iPhone. This means CarPlay can work together with apps created by manufacturers, making it easier for them to integrate their auto features with the service.

The current time-table for BMW as a whole is that it will begin introduction of CarPlay in the 2016/2017 timeframe and roll out the feature model by model.