Will BMW ever make an M4 Gran Coupe?

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The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe is one of BMW’s most underrated models at the moment. The 4 Series GC is a car that many forget about but is far better of a car than people may realize. The idea of the car is a bit confusing, I’ll admit. The 4 Series is supposed to be a coupe because its number is an even one, however this 4 Series model has four doors but is called a Gran Coupe. So, in theory, the car is a bit silly, even by BMW’s standards.

Having said that, in reality, the 4er GC is a fantastic car.

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The standard 4 Series Coupe is great as it is and is one of BMW’s best handling cars. Add two more doors, a bigger back seat and a more practical hatchback-style trunk all while keeping the Coupe’s excellent performance and you make it even better. It’s much for the same reason that enthusiasts like wagons, as it adds practicality to performance. However, these Gran Coupe body styles add only a bit more practicality but with a lot more beauty than unpopular wagons. So naturally, you’d think that this would be the perfect car for M treatment, right? It’s great looking, has great performance and can still seat five.

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Well it seems that, currently at least, there isn’t a large enough market for something like an M4 Gran Coupe, despite how great it would be. BMW has always claimed that it would make any car that had a large enough demand. But people barely notice the standard 4 Series Gran Coupe, so it would be a tough sell on an M variant.


However, that might turn around soon enough. BMW seems to be pushing for a bit more of a luxurious image, especially with its new Driving Luxury 7 Series campaign and has been getting into the business of luxury just as much as the business of performance. Cars like the X5/X6 M and M6 Gran Coupe are proof of this. All three of those are more luxurious and powerful than they are tight, sporty canyon carvers. They can handle well, sure, but they’re more luxury-performance than all out blistering performance. So there’s a possibility that performance oriented luxury BMWs will become more popular and we could get more M models, like an M4 Gran Coupe.

BMW already does have an excellent template for such a car, in the M6 Gran Coupe. Being that the M6 GC is a very luxurious, very powerful and very fast Gran Coupe, the M4 could basically be the same thing, only less so, obviously. Give it the same powertrain as the standard M4 but give it more luxury and a slightly more supple suspension and you have a car that’s equal parts performance and equal parts luxury.


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While this might not be the most popular of vehicles, or might even have a good enough market to work right not, it could in the future. This segment, of four-door coupes, is growing quite rapidly. Mercedes-Benz started it with the CLS Class years ago, the BMW came out with the 6 Series Gran Coupe followed by Audi’s A7. Now, BMW has the 4 Series GC and Audi has the S5 Sportback (though the latter isn’t available in North America). So the body style is getting popular among customers. It’s even been rumored that Audi might create and RS5 Sportback. So it’s clear that the segment is trending upward and a potential M variant of the 4 Series Gran Coupe might be in the future.

16 responses to “Will BMW ever make an M4 Gran Coupe?”

  1. Z says:

    Are we forgetting about the F80 M3? Did it just vanish?

  2. John says:

    BMW should be putting less plastic in the 3 and 4 series interiors.

  3. Michael Christopher Frazier IV says:

    Truth be told… the 4 series GC holds many of the lines the 3 sedan should have ALWAYS had. I’m not a fan of the hatchback and rounded back end but the tail lights, side “vent,” rims and front facade were always on point.

  4. Senne says:

    They should make one! It would be such an amazing car! :D Sooooo beautiful and powerful!

  5. Icebreakerr says:

    BMW already said no to M4 GC

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      M6 GC makes sense because it looks very different from the M5 and is a different animal.
      M4 GC would be like a weird mix between M3 and M4, they’ll loose too much money with this, it cross-markets too much with the 3. At least in non-M form their fascia look different, but not here. I understand Bimmer 100%

  6. Stephen Garrett says:

    I thought it was already officially decided that this wasn’t happening.

  7. John says:

    If the 4 series gran coupe was such a good idea, there should have been an M version. The fact that it is too similar to the other models to make an M version explains why it still confounds people as to why it exists.

  8. T says:

    It took under two years for the 6er Gran Coupe to become the best selling 6er model, outselling both Coupe and Cabrio.
    The 4er Gran Coupe has been on the market a little over a year and is selling exceptionally well that again Gran Coupe could possibly outsell the equivalent Coupe and Cabrio. Its not there yet but it can be foreseen.
    An M4 Gran Coupe is feasible, but there is already the M3 Sedan which more or less fills that niche in the segment along with the M4 Coupe and Cabrio. Whereas there will not be a full M model there is plans to introduce the Gran Coupe as the M440i under M Performance likewise the X4 M40i in place of full M models.
    Although it is more or less given that both the M4 Gran Coupe and X4M will be considered for their next generation in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

  9. Indrit Selimi says:

    The 4 GC is an amazing car…they are concerned that could be themselves the only one to take away the crown from the 3 series…A M4 GC make much more sense than a M3 actually….

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