Now this would be cool…BMW M2 Shooting Brake

BMW M2 | October 22nd, 2015 by 15
BMW M2 Shooting Brake 750x500

Two interesting renderings evoke memories of the legendary BMW Z3 M Coupe. Based on the new compact sports coupe Garching – the M2 – the …

Two interesting renderings evoke memories of the legendary BMW Z3 M Coupe. Based on the new compact sports coupe Garching – the M2 – the renderings bring an M2-like model with a shooting brake-shaped rear end and some great flared fenders.

Although the body shape of the virtual BMW M2 Shooting Brake promises more practicality – and would be significantly more individual than the classic coupe design of the M2 – the market for such car is fairly limited. The enthusiasts would no doubt love it and likely buy it, but a low volume seller wouldn’t be a smart investment.

With the same 370 horsepower engine and chassis from the M2, the Shooting Brake variant would prove to be a track monster – and a great daily driver.

BMW M2 Shooting Brake 1 750x478

The Z3 M Coupe is – to this date – one of the most fun bimmers one can drive and has quickly risen to an icon status. An M2 Shooting Brake – with all the new tech and more cabin space – could be one of those cars that you don’t need in your garage, but you certainly would do anything to own one.

Shooting Brakes are a thing of the past, it seems. Mercedes seemed to be the only company crazy enough to make one,  but hopefully some car company in the future has the courage to make another one

BMW M2 Shooting Brake 750x500

15 responses to “Now this would be cool…BMW M2 Shooting Brake”

  1. jason bourne says:

    Looks more like a true M version of the M135i hatchback.

  2. Ki Yook Lee says:

    The second one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Zoltan says:

    This is how the 1 serises SHOULD have looked…

  4. Antonio Bošković says:

    the red one is just perfection

  5. Chas58 says:

    Not practical? I have
    a picture of my car (328iT) at the BMW Welt with a nice matching 3 door 120 in
    the background. Both of these cars have
    similar shapes to the red car above (as
    does the newer Sirocco). There may be
    low demand in the US, but Europe would love a car like this. Let me know if you want the picture…

  6. Rob K says:

    5 door please? Love the red one, but the child seat situation is tough.

  7. Senne says:

    Great renderings! Love it!

  8. Kaisuke971 says:

    Maybe, some day, people will stop to soothing brake every single sport car out there…

  9. dante says:

    Awesome. From these renders this bmw looks the best bmw by a big margin.

  10. Michael Christopher Frazier IV says:

    LSD in the drinking water

  11. Stephen Garrett says:

    I’ll stick with a traditional coupe, thanks.

  12. Doug McCrann says:

    Sweeeet I can put my wheelchair in the boot. Will look ace next to my e61 M5 :-P #carporn for sure!!!

  13. dante says:

    BMW should definitely make a 2 series shooting brake. It will sell a lot.

  14. Dave says:

    Shut up and take my money!

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